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Our Modified Containers are all cut from either 40ft Standard Containers or 40ft High Cube Containers, and are available in the following lengths: 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 25ft, and 30ft. All of our modified containers are made to order, unless we happen to have some in stock. Basically we cut a 40ft container into two smaller units, so if you are interested in purchasing a modified container you can come in and look through our inventory of 40ft containers and decide which container you want us to cut for you, and which end you would like to keep. We have 3 door configurations that we commonly do for our modified container. You can choose to keep the standard cargo doors, or have us install an end roll-up door or a side roll-up door. The nice thing about our modified containers is that they all come reconditioned. First we will remove all the shipping labels, then pressure wash the inside and outside of the container, then any rust will be sanded down to bare metal and treated a rust inhibitor, then every surface of the container will get sprayed with a high grade industrial primer, and lastly we will finish it off with a nice top coat.