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Available in 4 different grades:

Our grade A+ containers fall under the category of "Cargo Worthy IICL". They are the highest grade within the shipping industry for used containers.

The term IICL refers to the International Institute of Container Lessors ( criteria to ensure the highest quality for international shipping purposes. We find this grading system to be helpful for our customers because these containers are generally look better and will last longer than all other grades. 

These containers are of high enough quality that they are still certified to be used in the shipping industry. They will have minimal rust and dents, be wind and water tight, and will have doors/floors/seals still in great condition. 

Our grade A containers are very similar to our grade A+ containers in that they are still certified to be used in the shipping industry. They have no defects or major damage to the structural integrity of the container. Grade A containers are superior shape cosmetically to our grade B or grade C containers, and will cost less than a grade A+ container, making it a great option for a used container.

Our grade A containers are the most common unit that we sell and are perfect to use if you plan on getting any modifications. 

‚ÄčOur grade B containers are known as "Wind and Water Tight" containers. They are the most common container on the market, and are the cheapest option if you are looking for a container that is guaranteed to be weather proof and rodent proof. These containers are between 10-15 years old and have been retired by the shipping line so they can show considerable wear and tear. If you are on a tight budget and do not care as much about the cosmetics of the container this may be the best option for you. 

Our grade C containers have been damaged in one way or another and are sold "as is". These containers have been taken out of commission in the shipping industry and are not suitable for storage. They could have major damage on the roof or walls, damaged floors, bad seals, doors that are difficult to open, or structural damage. 

Sometimes we will get grade C containers that will seem to be in good shape for the most part, but they have an issue that excludes them from being categorized as a Grade B container, so we cannot guarantee that there wont be any leaks.  The price difference to upgrade to a grade B is fairly insignificant so we do not recommend purchasing a grade C unless you do not need a container to be weatherproof. Our grade C containers are a good option if you are on a tight budget, and are just looking to keep your cargo secure. 


Our painting involves a multi step process that will deliver to you a long-lasting finish that you will be extremely happy with for many years to come. This process requires 2-4 days depending on the grade and size of the container. 

  • Step 1 -- We begin by removing all stickers from the inside/outside of the container and then pressure washing inside/outside.
  • Step 2 -- All exterior dents/rust spots are grinded and then sanded smooth.
  • Step 3 -- All prepped areas are spot treated with a red primer to prevent future rust and promote adhesion of the topcoat.
  • Step 4 -- All surfaces, interior/exterior, are treated with a grey industrial primer/sealer.
  • Step 5 -- All exterior surfaces, roof included, are treated with an exterior industrial coating (custom colors and color matching available for an additional fee).